Friday, 22 January 2010

Movie for shortened period day! XD

Good day everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he he

ho ho ho~

We had shortend periods today~~~
From 1.15 hours to 50 mins~!!


So I ended at 12.10pm~

We did not finish our adv. poster in today's 50 mins class... T^T
So we will be going to the library tomorrow to finish up.....
Early in the morning I suppose... @@

Anyway.. back to today..
After classes and stuff we went to Sunway~ ^^
1st me, Chris and Caryn went to Sunway 1st with me driving..
The drivers at the round- about were very fierce... @@
But I got all of us safely there... ^^

And then we went to check on the cienima time and went shooping a little until the others come...

While we were in Cotton On Caryn went for lunch with her bf...

And then after a while Jeremy called and we met up with each other,
Carina was with him..
We were at Asia Avenue next to the chinese drumming game... @@
So while waiting we, me and Chris went and changed for 4 tokens (rm 8 @@) and played.. @@
But the others came before we started the game... @@
So they were to buy the tickets first while we played... o.o
It was nice.... ^^ @@

And then we went back up to the ciniema...
After getting the tickets,
We went to Maxis to get Coffee and the to Asia Avenue for something like lunch....
Me and Chris shared prawn toast and mango ice.. with mango sorbet.. something like that...
It was nice... just a little sour... @@ the prawn was nice...

And then it was almost time for Legion!!! 3.20 pm..
So we went back to the ciniema and bought some food and drinks... I bought popcorn.. o.o

Legion was very nice...!!! @@
But it sort of took away my mood for eating? o.o
So I didn't finish my popcorn because nobody want it.. T^T
By nobody I mean Chris who was sitting on my left and Jeremy sitting on my right...
he he.. XD

Legion is about a fallen angel who went against God's order of destroying the human race...
It very nice.. ^^

and it ended at arounf 5.00 pm..
After that they decided to go to e- tiara to lepak... I forgot whose house it is... (>.<)
But me and Chris instead went home first... because she needs to go back to Ipoh for a wedding dinner... and I can't stay too long.. @@

It was overall a good trip... ^^

All together were (the people who went for Legion o.o):
Wai Yew ( I think)
and... I couldn't hear her name properly.. T^T sorry... T^T

When we were going out of Sunway carpark, Andrew's yellow car was behind us.. He horned at us.. but I couldn't see who it is.. until Chris saw it was he.. @@
ps (>.<)

I met most of them today.. @@ except for Chris, Carina and Jeremy... o.o
I mean I saw them before but we don't wave hi to each other...

When I went back, traffic jam at the bottle neck again..... =.=
All the way until the turning to KD.. @@
Luckily it didn't rain when I was at the bottle neck... @@ or else I will be stuck on the road even longer... @@

The rain got heavier and heavier when I was reaching home...
and when I reach my housing area It was flooded all around the entrance... @@
2nd time experience such deep flood... @@ the kind where if you ever stop, you can never start your car.. @@
I even need to step even harder on the accelerator then usual... @@

Overall its a good day~~ ^^

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