Monday, 11 January 2010

Maple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^


Today I will be talking about maple!!!


This is one of the events right now…. Scissors, Paper Stone!! ^^

May I introduce you to my main~!


Well as you can see, I blacken out my ign (in game name)… ^^

Only my maple friends would know… he he

And 0rganization is my guild~!

This is how I look like now… ^^

Below my guild is the medal I am wearing.. Veteran Explorer.. You’ll get this when you reach level 70….

This char is now level 80~

I just leveled it to level 80 last Saturday.. 9th of January 2010~ ^^

And this is my favorite chair~ ^^

This is how I look when I punch… ^^
This is the reindeer I need to capture during the Christmas event quest.. ^^
And this is Geppetto…
I was transformed to this guy because he is the maker of Pinocchio…
o.o during the fairytale event… ^^
which is what is happening now in Maple..

You can get this too if you hit more than 250 cat witches… ^^

And if you get all 7 colours… you get cloud robe… which is nice…~ ^^

This is how I look like when I transform….

And this is how I use one of my skills… o.o



Standing in combat mode… o.o


Walking or running @@


And lying down.. ^^

This looks so cool!!!!! XD

Me doing a somersault… even though I can’t do it in real life… XD

The wolf looks like its dying… T^T

These are some of the pictures when I am pqing… ^^

Next is my Aran!!!

Tada~! ^^

This is one of the future skills I would have!!!! XD

This is some new stuff for lvl 20 -30 chracters~

Its very nice and easy..^^

I played a few rounds of this and I leveled from level 27 to 30 in just that day....

hmm... one round is around 9 minutes...

And this is the newest pq for lvl 30-40…


This is the mushroom castle which is now taken over by those penguins!!! Penguins are called pepe here… ^^

But at last we will save the mushroom kingdom and king pepe is thrown back to the where he belongs… ^^

And this is my younger sis account…

She is a healer?

Wad are they called again instead of bishop?


oh... cleric...

That’s all for now… ^^


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