Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Good evening~!

As you can see I got my mood back~

I was very emo for the past 2 days....
he he..
but I feel better right now...

Today our college held an orientation party for all the 1st sem students...
This was so much more grand-er then ours last sem...
last sem's was =.=
In my opinion of course..

We had free domino's pizza
free bottled lemon tea

he he... ^^

and we registered for some online game and got free stuff~
free pump up miniature doll~

We went to AC and sat there for a while....

and went back in again...

I signed up for Photography club and Anime Club... @@
Alison signed-up for Anime Club too~

Jeremy remember you said you're gonna come with me to the 1st meeting for photography club... ^^

It was a good day overall..
except for Adv. functions....
the teacher gave soo much work!!!!
this is he 2nd day for so much work...

and she doesn't give examples before given us the work...
Some people have not been doing maths for a year you know?? (e.g me)
She expects up to climb over a wall without giving us a ladder... =.=
I know I can find my own ladder... but she is suppose to help us go over it... =.=

Today I had rated the 1st period class adv. function poster...
I don't know how to rate them... @@
So I gave them what I think....

that's all for now... ^^

I still don't know how..... to..... talk to now so close people... @@

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