Saturday, 9 January 2010

Today is the 9th of January 2010~ o.o

Something random~~
My niece~~
The 1st great-grand-daughter of my grandmother..
My parents are now granduncles and grandaunts...
It means its the 1st grandson of my grandmother to have children ^^
If you don't get it.. then nvm.. ^^

I leveled my maple character again.. ^^
On the 8th.. which was a Thursday I think..~~

And my Aran is now at lvl 33
My Bucc level 79... 1 more level to 80!!!!!

My sem is gonna start on the 13th.. Which is this coming Wednesday.. o.o
I miss my college mates...~

And today... I walk Vesper..... he kept running faster than me...
So, I told him to sit...
And wad a nice time to sit... =.=
He sat on a puddle of muddy water... =.=

I suppose this post ends here until I fetch my sis home and reach home.. o.o

I slept at 3.23 am this morning and woke up at 1. 13 pm O.O
and. .. yes.. I was maplin...
I died when I was looting the pots after killing the boss... =.=

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