Sunday, 29 November 2009

=.= Celcom?!?!?!?!

Such a big company....
but in comparison to the other large communication company...

When my mum's phone was stolen she immediately could get a replacement sim card from 1u which is closer to Taman Tun... which was where I need to go to get my sim card.. =.=

And then they said I need to wait for 2 hours for them to activate my sim card where as my mum need not wait for that long...

But after waiting for 2 hours...
They still did not activate my sim card and I need to call them again and they said 24- hours... =.=
After 25- hours still... =.= sim card registration fail...

And then I called the careline again... =.= they said to go back and get another sim card.. =.=


The percentage of getting another faulty sim card? 99%!!!
They don't care about their customers at all!!!
Call and called again but not even one confirmation that my sim card could work!!!

Me, my father and my sis are gonna change to Maxis!!!!
In you face Celcom!!!
inconsiderate company!!!!
Enemies with costumers= money!!!!

Chem tomorrow....
Losing my phone....
Wonder how I am gonna do for my chem exam...
Shoot Celcom!!!


  1. im celcom user. im agree whut you have said. i also do have problem with celcom regarding sim card. sumtime my simcard unable to read with my hp. i`ve tried with another phone in same time also cant.

    in this case, i think celcom got massive marketing strategy.. but they are not know nothing bout technical deparment in celcom sdn bhd.

    well sume time i also got cross-line where i can listen to another ppl conversation.
    and sumetime i sent msg to my friends but another ppl also get, i mean strangers. which i dont know them.. oh.. fakap.

    ~it just like p1. u know p1? p1 also got problem with their wimax, marketing deparment sell so many p1 account and make p1 technical stress.

    well maxis is better. both technical and marketing are balance. but i never use maxis telco more than 2 weeks. hahaha~

  2. yea I noe p1... I used it for 2 weeks.. XD
    All these companies just want more profit then what they can't keep up to...
    I never had an incident where I can hear another ppl's conversarion...
    Well my dad is planning to switch to Maxis... woots~! ^^