Saturday, 10 October 2009

Terry Fox.. o.o

After the Terry Fox run meeting I went back home... which is from 3.45 to 4.20 something...
The small gate was open so I use that door for it is nearer to my car..
While walking.. the rain started to fall.. =.=
So I walked as fast as i can (I am carrying too much stuff to run..)
Luckily I got Taylor's newspaper to cover my books XP
So when I got into the car, the rain got heavier..
Luckily there was no jam... ^^
My mum stop paying for my petrol.. T^T and so I won't have as much money as I have for me daily usage....

I'll be helping in the Terry Fox run the Nov 1st... ^^
Selling T-shirt and stuff.. ^^ for my 10 hours community service to graduate ^^
Broke for the week.. =.=

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