Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Just Stand Up- 13 talented singers.. o.o

Came across this song throught somebody's blog.. o.o which I don't remember her url...

Very nice!! ^^

Lets go by order of coming out to sing first eh?
Carrie Underwood
Miley Cyrus
Nicole Scherzinger
Leona Lewis
Keyshia Cole
Natasha Bedingfield
Mary J Blige
Mariah Carey
There was another person who didn't have a role... o.o a tall straight highlighted hair with dark skin..

Miley needs to tone down a little on her volume and childishness in her voice...just a little would be enough.. then it would be better ^^
Nicole's strong voice didn't come out as I thought she would be.. o.o

I think.. if I am not mistaken..
This song is to stand up against cancer...

Rihanna needs a bigger role... T^T
Miley seems to be er.. hm.. hugging? on the role...
It's just that Rihanna seems to have a smaller role compared to Miley... T^T

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