Wednesday, 30 September 2009

ISU~~ ^^

Was it the last day before the Raya holiday?
I don't quite remember...
I knocked a Korean guy ( i think) on the way to the toilet.. :O
Before Chem class...
It was a corner.. I can't see anything that was coming out from that corner..
Anyway I was turning into that corner hoping no one was going to come out because classes has not end yet because there wasn't anyone hanging around the walk way...

And the I turned... *bang* and I twist my body...
The girls behind him let out a shock scream... luckily I wasn't hurt.. don't think he is..
I was the one who could move out of the way.. he can't he was stuck.. :O
I said sorry a few times without looking back and continued on my journey to where I was about to go... o.o

This is my experience on banging people like this the first time... in college... o.o

I knew I was gonna bang into someone like that one day.. :O

Another thing..
I finished my ISU hurray!!!!! ^^ ^^ ^^
I was staying back in school until quite late these few days to finish it up and finally I finished it today!!! At about 5.30...

Bio test today was okay... ^^ hopefully it is okay....

Tomorrow Chem & Moral test!!!!

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