Thursday, 20 August 2009

Magic... O.O

This is my work... o.o Yesterday night got it... yesterday night did it.... o.o

Before you Read: Write a paragraph describing a “magical” experience of your childhood (or present) – something or somewhere that made you feel that reality and fantasy were one, that the unbelievable was possible, etc. Describe not only what happened but how you felt about it. This will be collected tomorrow.

No. 1, o.o

I remembered once that I have dreamt my Dad died and he wrote messages to us through the clouds with colorful wordings… I was very little then, seven I think, and we just moved into a new better environment. I would just stare at the words for a very long time… and my mum would ask me to go in but I was very reluctant to…. The sun was setting then... evening… When the clouds are very colorful… Basically I cried because my Dad died and I would not be seeing him again until I die and go the heaven… I suppose he is in heaven… But in real life, my dad did not die… Which is a very good thing… However, if this really did happen, I would hope that I could at least see what he writes to me every single time… I woke up from my bed crying still. My sister was not very happy about it because it was disturbing her sleep… I told my mum this and she comforted me and asked me to go down and look for my dad. He is there.

No. 2, o.o

Candy land... I once dreamt of..... Me and my friends and my family... in a candy world... being able to eat everything in that place... The cars, the buildings, the roads, even the rivers are flowing with chocolate, milk, caramel etc. depending on what type of sea flows from…. Me and my siblings were very happy.. being able to eat as much as we want...since there is only candy and candy only.. My parents are not very happy about this because they prefer salty food and they do not want us to eat too much of these because we would be having toothaches later... A typical dream that all young once (people like me who likes sweets then) would have, I am not left out… When I come to think of it.. I would be very fat and wanting more vegetable than ever in entire my entire life…I felt very happy… in haven…

He he... ^^
2 versions....
I passed up the 1st one...

ISU for Eng is tough...
Hopefully i can manage it...~ ^^


  1. so, how was the comment from your lecturer?

  2. Haven got it back yet...
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