Sunday, 12 July 2009


^^ My LAN lessons are changed to the second period....~ ^^

At first (Last Friday, 10th July) when I ask whether I could change my LAN subjects to the 1st semester, she said to asked to assistant programme director... But she went for lunch.... So I came back later after I finish my class..... I asked another person but the person said that I can't change it because it is what it is.... =.=

Then I went down and read my book and do some stuff (drinking java chip~^^) and then 20 minutes before the workshop starts (4 pm) I went up again and talk to the person who said to look for the assistant programme director... So after waiting for 2 students to go in... It was finally my turn.....

She said no at first.. But then she ask me why do you want to change it to the 1st semester... Then I said I want to take an extra subject next semester... So I wan to balance my subjects....

Then she said ok O.O


And then I filled up the add/drop form and I got the 4th period 4 LAN because the 2nd period was full.... I said ok... since it was my last choice...

Later today... just a while ago... I receive a phone call from the ICPU office.... And she said that there was a lot of changes in the system (something like that..) and you and some of the student are the unlucky ones because the 4th period is full and your LAN would be changed to the 2nd period......

I said ok!!!


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